Sergio Ramos Buries 53 Yard Field Goal Before Philadelphia Eagles Game

By Riley Schmitt

Sergio Ramos might have a future in football once he finishes up playing soccer.  The Real Madrid player was at the Philadelphia Eagles first preseason game and before the game started, Ramos buried a 53 yard old field goal and made it look like a simple task.

Kicking a football is not an easy task.  If it was, football would be a lot more boring since the chances of a blown kick would be much lower.  If Sergio Ramos wanted to, he could probably come over play American style football.  There is a lot more money in soccer, but still.  If he ever gets bored, there would be a few teams coming for his services.

It is also nice to see players branch out from their comfort zone.  You would think that soccer players would not be as adept at kicking an American football.  It is a completely different process but Ramos made it look simple.  There are a lot of people that have kicked that can not make it look that good.

This was a pretty cool thing to see if you ask me.  Ramos looked like he could have made that kick from 60 yards.  It was right down the middle and still had plenty of distance on it.  I imagine that he has enough leg strength to possibly break the longest field goal in history record.

After this, Ramos should come over to the states and try his hand at being a kicker.  It would certainly draw plenty of attention to him and the team that he would play for.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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