Usain Bolt And Jamaica Set World Record In 4x100 Relay

By Riley Schmitt

Usain Bolt has added to his mystique once again.  Bolt ran the anchor leg for Jamaica and their 4×100 meter relay team and they cruised to another gold medal, this time in world record fashion.  Bolt actually ran the entire race and left everyone in his dust.

It has been quite the Olympics for Bolt.  He has simply dominated every race that he has been in.  He is still pretty young too so this could happen again at the 2016 Games in Rio.  That is simply absurd.  He is breaking records left and right and it always looks like he has something left in the tank to run even better.  That is nuts.

The USA squad came in second and they could easily be the best team in the world if it was not for Jamaica.  They are simply too fast for everyone else to keep up with.  There are some great teams in the 4×100 relay but the Jamaicans are just in a class of their own right now.

They ran the whole relay in under 37 seconds.  That is simply amazing.  They lowered the old record by two tenths of a second, which is amazing to see in this day and age.  They are clearly the best sprinters and the world and everyone else is looking up at them.

Usain Bolt is the best sprinter of all time and he still has years to add to his record.  This was simply another record at another amazing Olympics.  Trust me, he still has a lot more left in his tank.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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