Kurt Busch Loses Tire During Race At Watkins Glen

Kurt Busch and his season from hell continued at Watkins Glen as Busch ended up losing a tire during the race.  No, he did not have a tire go flat, he actually lost a tire.  The trackbar broke and Kurt’s left rear tire decided it was tired of being attached.

It has basically been a Murphy’s Law type of year for Kurt Busch.  The last 12 months have not been fun.  He was fired from his old ride, he’s been suspended at his new ride, his season has been a mess and nothing is ever going right.  This is just the latest in a series of extremely weird things that keep happening to him.

This is not the first time that someone has ended up losing a tire during a race but it is extremely weird to see.  It is just another a weird thing that has happened this season.  It has been a very weird season in general for everyone.  Races have not been that exciting but this could be the funniest moment of the season so far.

The season will continue but you can bet that Kurt Busch wishes he could just quit at this point.  Nothing has gone right and it looks like nothing will continue to go right.  This will be one of the big memories that people have of Busch this season.  He has had a really weird season and it can be summed up by his car driving around with simply three tires.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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