Rajai Davis Makes Possible Catch Of Year Against New York Yankees

By Riley Schmitt

Rajai Davis may not be the world’s greatest baseball player but on Sunday, he made one of the great plays of the 2012 season.  The Toronto Blue Jays outfielder scaled the wall in the Rogers Centre to bring back a homer and rob the New York Yankees of a couple of runs.

There have been a lot of great catches this year and a lot of them have been made by Mike Trout.  He currently holds the crown for the best play of the year but I think Rajai Davis may have just stolen the crown.  Trout’s play was a great leap but this one involved a wall scale.  There’s a bit more difficulty in that.

Then again, you really can not go wrong with either catch.  Both of them are amazing plays and both players should get a ton of respect for making plays like this.  A good web gem makes the game of baseball really fun to watch.  Both Davis and Trout went all out to make their plays and they were rewarded for their efforts.

We are in a great era of baseball where there are great plays like this on an almost nightly basis.  This is certainly one of the top plays of the year and it is great to see plays like this happening everywhere you look.  This might be the best play that Davis has ever had.  Not exactly a bad thing to have a play like this be the best on your resume.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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