Ryan Lochte Setting His Sights On Reality Television?

With the dominance of Michael Phelps coming to an end in these 2012 Olympics in London, Ryan Lochte is set to become the new face of American swimming. But prior to the 2016 games, it looks like he’s planning to appear on television a bit more than just when he’s in the pool.

Apparently, Lochte is very interested in becoming a reality television star. Several concepts have already been discussed for the two-time Olympian, who won five medals in London this summer.

Of course, Phelps has already beat Lochte to the reality show deal, as he is set to appear on The Haney Project on the golf channel, but Lochte’s sights are set on something with a bit of a different flavor.

Lochte has expressed interest in joining The Bachelor or Dancing With The Stars as a contestant. According to his agent, they already have a couple of offers on the table, and other potential ideas are being discussed. Will Ferrell would also reportedly like Lochte to star in one of his famed FunnyorDie.com videos.

Lochte won four medals in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, following it up with his five this time around. He won two gold, a pair of silver, and a bronze medal this summer.

It doesn’t sound like we’ll have to wait too long before we see Ryan Lochte’s mug on the small screen again. He’s proven to be a colorful figure in the Olympics and now we’ll get a taste of that away from the pool in the very near future.

As long as he doesn’t wear the grill.

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