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Attention Denard Robinson: Usain Bolt is Laughing at You

Michigan Wolverines speedy quarterback Denard Robinson has jumped on the delusional bandwagon previously started by Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson.

This bandwagon?

The belief Usain Bolt is vulnerable in a 40-yard dash and could be beaten.

Here’s Denard Robinson’s justification for his delusion:

I’ve watched him run, and I’m pretty sure I can beat him in a 40-yard dash,” Robinson said at Michigan’s media day on Sunday. “I’d get a better start, and I could take him.

“At 60 yards, I’d be in trouble, and at 100 meters, he’d be gone, but I could get him in a 40.”

No. Wrong.

This is the typical football swagger, which, at times, can earn guys a few extra yards on a wide sweep or zone read, or help them break an extra tackle in the second-level.

This swagger cannot, however, help a guy like Robinson beat the fastest man in the world in a sprint– of any length.

I, for one, would love to see Chris Johnson, Denard Robinson and Usain Bolt line up for a 40 just to get it over with. I’m sure there isn’t enough money in the world to make this happen, because in simplest terms, Usain Bolt doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

He’s the fastest man in the world.


Stick to quarterback keepers Denard and spare us the swagger.


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