McKayla Maroney Does Her "Not Impressed" Face On David Letterman Show

By Riley Schmitt

McKayla Maroney gave birth to probably the best meme to come out of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  After failing to win gold in the vault, the US gymnast gave her “not impressed” face, which has turned into a full fledged meme.  She joined the rest of the Fierce Five on David Letterman and showed ol Dave how to do the face.

The face of McKayla Maroney turned into a great Tumblr, where people were putting “not impressed McKayla” into all sorts of big situations but she still was not impressed.  It might not be the best thing in the world to be known for, but there are always worse things out there.

There were some people out there who thought she was being a bad sport, but I actually enjoyed the emotion that she showed.  She thought she was going to win gold and she worked her entire life to go after it.  Due to a mistake that she made, she ended up with silver.  She was not mad about the silver medal, she was mad that she screwed the thing up herself.  That is something that should be talked about.

The gymnasts from the Olympics have certainly turned out to be stars.  They are going to be raking in endorsements and appearing on all sorts of radio and television shows.  They brought the team gold back to the US and they deserve all the attention that they end up getting.  Good for those girls, even if this was their only moment in the spotlight.

If there are advertisers out there reading this, please make a commercial involving McKayla Maroney and her not impressed face.  It would certainly attract attention and it would be a big boost to the product.  That is how big of a meme this turned out to be.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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