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Fan Dies After Collapsing At Toronto Blue Jays Game Thursday Night

The Thursday night matchup between the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox quickly turned away from baseball.  Late in the game, a fan collapsed at the game and was brought to a local hospital after attempts to revive at the stadium were ineffective.  After attempts to revive the man at the hospital failed, he was pronounced dead Thursday night.

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This is a tragic side of sports, when the game continues on while tragedy surrounds it. The game was delayed while EMTs attended to the fan and they tried their best to save the man’s life.  This put everyone in a tough spot at the game and I can imagine that not many people wanted the game to continue.  It is hard to focus on a mundane thing like a baseball game after a possible death happens in the stands.

The unnamed fan was rumored to be of an older age and it sounded like he suffered a heart attack.  Again, none of this is confirmed at this time and will not be confirmed until his family has been alerted about the situation.  It is certainly a tragedy and it is something that will be in the minds of people for a while.  Sports are supposed to be an escape from the real world, but this was a sad reminder of what is out there.  Life can be taken in an instant, even during a game.

My condolences go out to the family of the man who passed away during the game Thursday night.  It is unfortunate that this had to happen.  I am sure that the Toronto Blue Jays and other outlets will do their best to honor the man.  It is a humbling reminder of how precious life can be.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.