Jennelle Carrillo Suing Jerry Jones After Suffering Burns From A Hot Bench Outside Of Cowboys Stadium

Jennelle Carrillo certainly has her head in the clouds.  The woman is suing Jerry Jones due to injuries that she suffered from sitting on a hot bench outside of Cowboys Stadium.  Apparently the Dallas Cowboys owner did not take the proper steps to educate people on how touching hot things is not a smart idea.

Defendants did not exercise reasonable care to eliminate the risk of harm to plaintiff posed by the bench, nor did defendants adequately warn plaintiff of the risk of harm posed by the bench. No warning signs were posted at or near the bench advising that it was dangerously hot when exposed to the August sun.

This could be what is wrong with America right now.  People like Jennelle Carrillo are suing people because they refuse to use something known as common sense.  Benches are typically made of metal.  Metal tends to heat up during the hot months of the year.  August is a pretty hot month in Texas.  If you factor all of those things in, you should not be sitting on a hot bench for a long period of time.

Something tells me that she might end up succeeding in this lawsuit.  There have been stupider lawsuits out there that have ended up succeeding.  Someone will say that Jones was negligent for not having a sign saying that the bench could end up being hot.  It might sound stupid, but someone is going to exploit that little bit of information.

It sucks that Carrillo was hurt but this has more to do with her and the sun than it does with Jerry Jones.  Jones can not control the weather and keep the sun away.  However, Carrillo could control her ability to avoid the hot bench by, you know, not sitting on the stupid thing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.