NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers superstar Dwight Howard dating R&B singer Ciara?

By Marian Hinton

It’s been quite a summer for the NBA’s three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Dwight Howard. After nearly a year-long sweepstakes as to which team would land the NBA’s best big man, he finally landed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

And it didn’t take long for Howard to adapt to the LA lifestyle.

You probably thought that you would at least get a bit of a break from hearing Howard’s name in the press again so soon, but you were wrong.

Rumors have surfaced that the former Orlando Magic star has been seen out about the town with R&B singer Ciara.

Though the couple have tried to downplay these rumors, reports have surfaced that the two have indeed been on a few dates.

Everyone knows about Howard’s talents on the hardwood, but Ciara has quite an impressive career of her own. She has recorded eight  top-ten singles, including a number one, and she has also won three BET Awards, three MTV Awards, as well as a Grammy. The singer has sold over seven million albums worldwide.

Howard isn’t the first basketball player Ciara has been known to have dated; she and New York Knicks star Amare Stoudemire have spent some time together as well.

Howard’s arrival in LA makes them the immediate favorite to win the Western Conference, and possibly even the favorite to win the NBA title next season.

Regardless, it’s going to be a huge year for six-time NBA All-Star: new team, new teammates, new media market, new girlfriend.

With all the recent changes in his life, fans have to be hoping he can keep it all together and find a way to capture the NBA championship ring.

Welcome to the big-time, Dwight.


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