Rich Akin Makes Two Holes In One During One Golf Round

Rich Akin could be the luckiest golfer on the planet.  The 67 year old hails from Texas and if you believe him and his story, he has made six hole in ones in his life, including two in the same round.  Yes, he made two in the same round with the same golf ball.  Great story or a fabrication?

In a shotgun event, his second and last one came on his last shot, a 7-iron at the 147-yard par 3 on the La Quinta Course at Quail Valley.

“I called that one (in the air),” recalled Akin, an 8-handicap who lives in Houston. “I said, ‘Last hole. Let’s make it two.’ ”

Akin’s high draw landed about 15 feet short of the pin and trickled in, similar to what he did earlier on the par-3 fifth hole with a pitching wedge.

He had intended to save the ball he used for the first one, but when he lost his second ball in a water hazard, he wound up using his original ball on the 17th.

Of course it’s a great story.  If it was a fabrication, why would I even consider writing about it?  Rich Akin certainly knows his way around a golf course and if you can call one of your hole in ones in the air, you should have homage paid to you.

Hopefully Rich Akin can add to his total by the time he hangs up his clubs.  If you are brazen enough to call a hole in one in the air and have it come true, the golf game needs you around for the long haul.  I have never come close to a hole in one so I can only dream of what it would be like to come close to one, much less make two in one round.

You are a lucky man, Rich.  A very good, yet lucky man.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.