Danica Patrick Loses Chance To Win After Running Over Shoe Under Caution At Montreal


Danica Patrick will win her first race someday but the fates have conspired against her once again.  Patrick was leading the Nationwide race in Montreal when someone threw a shoe onto the track.  The shoe happened to land in her line under caution and as the leader, she was the first car to hit it.  It did some major damage to her car, which cost her a shot at the win.

If Danica Patrick did not have bad luck, she would not have any luck at all.  I doubt this shoe was thrown intentionally to hit her but it certainly ruined her race.  I do not know why fans show up to the race and decide to have an impact on the outcome.  It takes a real big idiot to throw something on the track and cost a driver a chance at the win.  Danica was in perfect position to win her first stock car race and it was taken away from her.

Danica will bounce back and I bet she wins a race before the end of the season.  She has had some chances to win but weird things have kept her from winning.  This might end up being the weirdest out of the bunch.  She probably had the best car and a random shoe spoils her chances at winning.  It certainly is not fair but that is the way that racing goes.  Sometimes it pays to be lucky rather than good.

The bonus from this will be an amazing post race interview.  Expect Danica to be fairly upset after this debacle.  It might not be the best interview ever, but it has the potential to be one of the funniest ones ever.  I know I’d be irate if a shoe cost me a chance at Victory Lane.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.