New York Giants Star Jason Pierre Paul Throws Prince Amukamara In A Cold Tub

Jason Pierre Paul burst onto the football scene last year and he seems to enjoy the spotlight.  This type of spotlight might not be the one he enjoys.  This video shows JPP throwing Prince Amukamara, his New York Giants teammate into a cold tub as the locker room chants along.  This sounds like a hazing incident but it is hard to tell.

People will say this is bullying but I think this is just an incident between two teammates.  Jason Pierre Paul had apparently planned this out with people, otherwise it would not end up on video.  Having it end up on video probably was not smart, but it is hard to erase it from memory now.

The weird thing about this as far as hazing goes is that Prince is no longer a rookie.  He is considered a veteran (sort of) and he is supposed to be a big part of the Giants going forward.  I can not imagine that he was happy that he was thrown into the cold tub.  In fact, you can tell by his expression that this something that he was not extremely fond of.

If this video stays online, I will be shocked.  Something tells me the Giants or the league will be talking to Youtube to get the video removed as fast as possible, but it should remain as a reminder to athletes everywhere.  Hazing is not cool and if you decide to participate in it, do not put the video on a public domain for everyone and their mother to see it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.