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Nine Month Old Bode Dockal Has Seen Two Perfect Games In His Life

Bode Dockal is laughing at the rarity of perfect games.  Then again, he might need to know what those are before he can laugh at them.  See, Dockal is a pretty sporty nine month old who has already witnessed two perfect games in person.  He was at Safeco Field when the Chicago White Sox and Phil Humber threw one and he was back there when Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners threw one of their own.

The father of Bode Dockal happens to be a Sox fan in Seattle, so the first perfect game makes sense.  Dockal wants his son to see a baseball game and a Sox game in the afternoon sounds like a smart bet.  For the second game, it appears that Dockal had Lady Luck shining on him.  Family was in town and they somehow picked a game where King Felix was going to be the best that he has ever been.

I am jealous of this kid, mainly because I will never see anything that amazing in person concerning sports.  I guess I can always fall on back on the fact I saw a triple overtime playoff basketball game but that is not a perfect game.  Perfect games are supposed to be rare and amazing.  Well, they are amazing still but rare might not be the right word to use this past couple of seasons.

Bode Dockal looks like he is going to have a great little life.  He has already experience at just nine months old.  If his life plays out to form, he is going to be president by 20 and emperor of the Earth by 40.  That might be unrealistic but you have to dream big if you want a great future.  I think Dockal can take care of that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.