Ryan Lochte In Legal Battle With MC Eiht Over Trademark Of "Jeah!"

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Ryan Lochte might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he sees an opportunity to make money by trademarking the phrase “Jeah!.”  He didn’t come up with this but he thinks that he can make some money off of it.  Too bad MC Eiht says he came up with it and now it’s about to get ugly.

U.S. Olympic hero Ryan Lochte might have an unexpected speed bump on his way to trademarking the phrase “Jeah!” in the form of 90s rap star MC Eiht, who claims the phrase was his long before it was Lochte’s.

Eiht tells TMZ he coined the phrase back in 1988 and is insulted to hear Lochte is trying to claim it as his own now. Eiht tells us, “Why try and trademark something his ass didn’t even create? I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying. He is just disrespectful.”

The Compton’s Most Wanted rapper tells TMZ he’s not so much concerned about the money as he is the “respect and the truth.”

Believe it or not, I side with the 90s rapper that I have never heard of.  Ryan Lochte might think that he is going to get some funds from trademarking that noise, but it is not an original saying.  Ryan Lochte is even on record as saying he ripped it off.  Trying to sneak into a trademark to make money off of it probably will not work out well in his favor.

This could end up being the most interesting legal battle.  The ramifications will not be huge but I am looking forward to watching lawyers try to say “Jeah!” with a straight face.  That might be the only positive to a lawsuit over this word looking thing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.