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Atlanta Falcons Star Roddy White Takes Shot At Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley On Twitter

Roddy White and his Twitter account tend to find themselves in the headlines.  Normally it involves the Atlanta Falcons wideout saying something stupid, but he might have spoken some truth Sunday night.  The star took a shot at Todd Haley and I bet a lot of people will agree with this stance.

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See, there will not be many people that rush to the aid of Haley.  In football circles, he does not have a lot of fans and tends to rub people the wrong way.  That opens him up to a lot of criticism from players, even ones that have never played for him.  Roddy White apparently would not love playing for a guy like him.

To be honest, Roddy White is right.  You can have the best game plan in the world, but you need players to execute it.  In a perfect world, both parties work in perfect harmony in order to achieve the right results.  Then again, there would not be egos in a perfect world.  Unfortunately, the egos of players and coaches get in the way of the ultimate goal time and time again.

Some people will be mad at White for talking about a coach that has no influence over him whatsoever.  Then again, isn’t this what we want out of Twitter?  I know that I prefer athletes being honest and open, even if it may cost them in the long run.  Roddy White certainly holds nothing back and now the world knows how he feels about Todd Haley and his coaching skills.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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