Buffalo Bills Release Linebacker Shawne Merriman

By Riley Schmitt

Remember when Shawne Merriman was dominating football?  Those were simpler times.  After being busted for PEDs, his career has not been the same.  The Buffalo Bills have released the former Pro Bowl linebacker and it looks like he might be at the end of his career.

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This move helps the Bills save money and it allows a younger guy to try to step up and fill the void.  Shawne Merriman used to be a guy that you could count on to have a bunch of sacks.  He was also amazing at terrorizing opponents and disrupting any offensive game plan.

Unfortunately, that Merriman no longer exists.  His speed and explosion are gone and he will be lucky if he catches on with another team before the season starts.  Someone might take a flier on him but it might be easier to just work a young guy in and let him learn on the fly.  Merriman had a very solid career and it looks like he left it all on the field.

There is no telling how much of Merriman’s career was based on his use of PEDs.  He certainly fell off the map after he was busted for them.  However, he had a lot of natural talent and that showed up a lot.  PEDs do not turn a guy like Merriman into a star unless he had some actual talent to deal with.

It was a good run for Shawne Merriman but there is only one thing left to say about his career.

Lights out.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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