Miami Dolphins Announce Ryan Tannehill As Team's Starting Quarterback

By Riley Schmitt

Ryan Tannehill shot up draft boards, much to the surprise of many people.  He has also shot to the top of the Miami Dolphins depth chart as the team has named him the starting quarterback.  This might not work out but it is a pretty good move in the long run if you ask me.

The other options for the Dolphins were simply underwhelming.  This move allows the team to test out the rookie in a baptism by fire.  You either have it or you do not.  If Ryan Tannehill has the moxie to be a starting QB in the league for a long time, he is going to have the chance to show it right away.  If they went the veteran route, they would be mailing in the season.  This route gives them a chance to see the future right away.

Of course, this move could backfire and ruin the long term plans of the Dolphins.  However, nothing is ever for certain in football.  Luck and injuries can ruin even the best plans.  By giving the ball to Tannehill, the team is showing confidence in their young guy and it should pay off for them down the road.  If it doesn’t, they at least tried something.

This season will be filled with lots of growing pains but there should be some good moments as well.  The Dolphins have to hope that he improves every game.  His stats will fluctuate but he can always improve on his footwork and his reads.  The results may not end up being pretty, but it is a year of progress in Miami.

Good luck to Ryan Tannehill.  Prove the doubters wrong and give us something to talk about besides the attractiveness of your wife.  Then again, that subject might never get old.

Riley Schmitt is  a writer for Rant Sports.

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