Mike McBain Accused Of Impersonating Teammate In Arrest For Child Molestation

Mike McBain is not exactly a guy that should be getting press coverage but this is so disgusting that it has to be discussed.  McBain is soon to be a former assistant hockey coach after being arrested on child molestation charges.  The details are extremely weird, including the part where McBain impersonated a teammate.

According to the report, as a coach, McBain noticed the victim had a crush on a Wranglers player, Jason Krischuk, who has played for the team off and on since 2006, including filling in for an injured player last season. Police believe McBain created a false email account and used it to contact the victim. He would also text her, send lewd photographs and ask about their sexual encounters under the guise of being Krischuk, the report shows.

Police said McBain also left money, as much as $400, for the victim for sending nude photos of herself to the email address he created under the other player’s name. The victim eventually discovered the person emailing and texting her was not Krischuk.

So for those scoring at home, Mike McBain acted like his teammate in order to have a sex with a 12 year old.  That is something that is so far out of right field that is insane.  That is probably one of the worst things you can do.  Not only are you molesting a child, you are impersonating someone else in an attempt to get away with it.  I’m speechless.

There’s a place for people like Mike McBain.  It’s not a good place either.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.