Now fans of select teams can buy Pop-Tarts to show off your college football spirit

By Marian Hinton

College football fans have always been a crazy bunch. They have a sense of pride in their favorite teams that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world of sports fandom.

Companies realize this, and as a result  just about every product one could imagine has been made for the passionate college football fan to show off his or her school pride in a variety of crazy, and sometimes ridiculous, ways.

But just when you thought you had seen it all, Kellogg’s announced earlier today that they are coming out with a new product especially for college football fans to show off their school spirit:

College edition Pop-Tarts.

The breakfast company has partnered with five schools across the country to produce the new breakfast treat.

Now, lucky fans of the Florida Gators, Michigan Wolverines, Arkansas Razorbacks, Georgia Bulldogs, and the North Carolina Tarheels can have their favorite teams’ logos for breakfast.

In addition to the teams’ logos being printed on the icing, each flavor is named to honor the schools’ athletic teams. These new flavors come in: Go Blue Strawberry (Michigan)Bulldog Berry (Georgia); Razorback Red (Arkansas);  Florida Gators Strawberry; and Tar Heel Blue (North Carolina).

Of course college football fans on Twitter did not hesitate to commemorate this special occasion in a way that only folks on Twitter can.

Some of the most clever tweets:

The Pop-Tarts are expected to hit the shelves next month, just in time for the college football season to start heating up.

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