Women Can Join Augusta National Golf Club, If Of Power And Wealth

By Ryan Gaydos

Since 1933, the Augusta Golf Club in Augusta, G.A., known for hosting the PGA Tour’s The Masters, has only allowed men into their club. Basically making it a glorified tree house with a sign that says “Boys Only.” The club was also very adamant about not allowing African-American golfers into the club until 1990. The club defending its policies by saying its a private institution

The next plateau was allowing women members.

Finally, the club allowed its first two women members. Those two members being former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and business executive Darla Moore. The two beat out possible member Ginni Romney who is now the head of IBM. The club usually offers the CEO of IBM membership into the club.

However, the apalling thing is that they are women of power and not women that have anything to do with golf itself. Yes, it is wonderful that the club is changing its ways to allow Moore and Rice into the club. But are they really changing their ways?

The first member that they should have admitted is Annika Sorenstam. Sorenstam is the greatest women golf of our time. Her eight LPGA Player of the Year, six LPGA Vare Trophy and eight LPGA money winner awards along with her induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame should be more than enough to get admittance to the world renowned golf course that holds The Masters tournament each year.

How does any of that make sense? Is it all about power and wealth nowadays to make this golf course more “prestigious.” Why not give actual golfers membership into the club? Sorenstam along with Nancy Lopez and Mickey Wright?

It is very doubtful that Billy Payne, the chairman of Augusta, will ever let any real women golfers. Money and power is always more attractive than athletic ability, drive and determination that everyone who has constantly won at the LPGA level has done.

Where is the actual respect that Payne has for these women golfers?

Although Rice and Moore may have player for a long time, they would not matchup to the likes of Sorenstam or Lopez.

Will we see more women at Augusta any time soon? What is your take?

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