Boy Gets $14 Million After Line Drive Caused Brain Damage

In a stunning turn, the Little League baseball association has settled a lawsuit with Steven Domalewski, a little leaguer who was drilled in the chest with a line drive. The drive caused cardiac arrest leading to brain damage after he was miraculously revived. The Domalewski family will receive $14.5 million from the little league and bat company, which will help cover past, current and future care for Domalewski.

The basis of the case was the belief the bat used was too “juiced up” and unsafe for a children’s game, which I certainly agree with.

I believe all leagues should move to wood bats. Metal is absolutely dangerous because of the way the ball comes off the bat. A pitcher standing 60 feet away has no chance. I was lucky to never get hit in the head or chest with a line drive, but I was certainly drilled in the legs a few times, and each time I barely saw the ball.

11 year olds should not be put in danger when they take the field. All sports have their risks, but we have the technology to prevent some of them. Metal bats should be taken out of the equation.

Will kids still get hit with line drives? Absolutely. Will there be fatalities? Probably. Nothing is bullet proof, but at least companies can say they’ve taken all the proper steps to eliminate these things as much as possible.

I’m glad Domalewski will be taken care of, as it’s a tragic story anyway you cut it.