Michael Vick Needs to Learn from Favre, Manning, and Brady

By ryanmasters

As most of you have heard, Michael Vick was recently hurt in a preseason game against the New England Patriots. It appears that he has managed to avoid a serious injury and should be ready to play in Week 1 of the regular season. The reason this is a major story is because Michael Vick has had long list of injuries that have cost him extended periods of playing time.

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to compete for a playoff berth this season, but it may rest on the left arm of Vick. It’s important that he stays on the field for them. In order for Vick to do this, he needs to completely change the way he plays the game of football. He takes too many risks on the field. He reminds me of Brett Favre because he is constantly putting his team’s chance of victory in jeopardy. Favre did it by throwing interceptions and Vick does it by playing with reckless abandon.

Recently in the game against the Patriots, there is immediately pressure up the middle and Vick is flushed from the pocket. He does the right thing by avoiding the initial pressure but then he rolls right into another Patriots lineman. He should just accept the sack and live to see another down. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have extended their careers by avoiding the big hits. Sure, they have both suffered a serious injury, but neither of them were really their fault.

My recommendation for Vick, is to play the game smarter. He cannot abandon his scrambling ability because it’s one of the best weapons in the NFL. Vick just needs to pick and choose his spots. Sliding, throwing the ball away, and taking the occasional sack will help his team in the long run. The Eagles are looking to win a Super Bowl, not win a game in the Preseason. He can still use his lightning speed and big arm to win games, but he also needs to use his brain to avoid the injuries.

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