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New Orleans Hornets Center Anthony Davis Dunks Over A Skip Bayless Cut Out

Anthony Davis still hasn’t played a regular season game with the New Orleans Hornets, but he’s had quite the summer.  He won a gold medal in London and now he’s dunking over Skip Bayless.  Well, a cardboard cut out that looks exactly like the ESPN hack.

I think Anthony Davis is preparing for the day when Bayless comes at him with some faulty argument.  It is always good to have this video to go to if Bayless ever starts giving him crap.  The only way that this would be better is if it was the actual Bayless getting dunked on.

The one thing I don’t like about this video is the kicking attempt by Davis.  Come on man, you just put this dude on a poster.  There is no need to kick the man when he’s done.  It ends up looking bad for you, especially when you wind up and completely miss with it.  Then again, you’re a rookie.  You will learn all of this stuff soon enough.

I might just be spitballing here but I think the perfect way to win the Dunk Contest would be to bring Bayless out and dunk on him.  If we were somehow able to convince LeBron James to finally enter the stupid thing and he threw down a massive slam over Bayless, I believe the entire internet would shut down.  You would open your browser and there would be something left online.

Keep up the good work, rookie.  Next time, aim your kick a little bit better.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.