Omar Cervantes Makes Amazing Catch in Little League World Series

Omar Cervantes might be quite the outfielder in a couple years. The right fielder for Mexico made an awesome diving catch that is certainly a highlight for the ages.

Believe it or not, there have plenty of highlights from South Williamsport. A lot of people may not like the Little League World Series, but it is never short on drama. I enjoy watching people play the game because they love the game. Nothing is forcing these kids to play. There are no expectations to live up to or contracts to meet, just a pure, simple love for sport.

Since we have the LLWS, I think we should expand our operations out a bit. I would not do a similar thing for football because of health risks. If anyone ever tells you a concussion is not serious, slap them. We would not need kids risking their health just for our amusement.

However, who says a basketball version of the LLWS would not work? I mean, the play would not be great, but I think it would be entertaining. If we trot these kids out there for baseball, basketball can work. It is quickly rising in popularity and, as we saw in the Olympics, it truly is a global sport.

Back to Cervantes. He made an incredible play on a ball that he initially misplayed. He had to stick his arm out and kind of dive back to make the catch. It takes some luck to pull that off, but I see a lot of skill with that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.