Steven Domalewski Receives $14.5M After Horrific Line Drive Injury

By Bryan Lutz

While working in the sporting goods industry for approximately a year, I realized that aluminum bats weren’t the same when I was a kid. When I played Little League Baseball, my bat was never more than $100 dollars and was in one piece. With bats the way they are today, it’s very common for someone to buy a composite two-piece bat that costs as much as $400. These bats are light, powerful, and dangerous. Steven Domalewski is living proof how dangerous these bats can be.

On June 2006, Domalewski was pitching when a line drive hit him in the chest, causing him to go into cardiac arrest almost immediately. His brain went without oxygen for around 20 minutes, causing catastrophic damage to the boy’s body. The bat that was used was a Louisville Slugger bat, and in most cases the bats must be approved by the Little League if they are suspicious. However, the Little League didn’t approve of the bat in play, which is why a lawsuit was filed against the Police Athletic League as well as Louisville Slugger.

A representative from Louisville Slugger, Rick Reidman, declared a settlement was reached, but wouldn’t further comment about the incident.

Although Reidman remained quiet, the Domalewski family released this statement through their attorney, Ernest Fronzuto:

“The Domalewskis are still saddened by the tragic events of June 2006, but this settlement provides them with some relief and comfort that Steven will get the care he needs for the rest of his life. He still can’t perform any functions of daily life on his own.

It’s good to see Domalewski will be taken care of throughout his life. It’s just unfortunate a freak accident has to happen to a child playing a game he loves.

Best of luck the rest of your life, Steven.

Bryan is a featured writer for Rant Sports. Although he concentrates mostly on the game of baseball, you can find him covering things all over the Rant Sports Network.

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