Vince Young Claims He Never Took Out Giant Loan During Lockout

Remember when most people thought Vince Young could be the next great quarterback?  Man, those were the days. Now the guy might not be able to stick on the Buffalo Bills roster and he’s looking at a lawsuit after not paying back an almost two-million-dollar loan.  VY is trying to use the forgetful defense, but I do not think it is going to work.

In papers filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Monday, Young said he never dealt with the loan company, Pro Player Funding. He added, he has no recollection of agreeing to or signing documents to take out a $1.877 million loan in May 2011.

In filing the motion, the quarterback’s attorneys are asking the court to stop Pro Player from attempting to collect money and also bar the company from approaching the quarterback as they say happened during training camp.

Young said a person tried to approach him at training camp in suburban Rochester earlier this month in an attempt to serve him papers to appear for a deposition regarding the loan. The person, Young said, was turned away by security officials.

I mean, can you blame Vince Young in this situation?  If this somehow works and he gets out from this, he is going to look like a genius.  However, there is a very small chance of that happening.  I would wager that the loan company has records of giving the quarterback money in such a large amount.

The court will eventually figure everything out and I bet we see Young agree to pay the loan back while he tries to still play professional football.  He better hopes he picks up his play.  Otherwise, he is going to be staring at a giant repayment process and no money to use.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.