Baltimore Ravens Fans May Have Contracted Rabies At Pre-Season Game

By Riley Schmitt

The Baltimore Ravens are probably going to be a Super Bowl contender this year, but they may have a medical disaster on their hands after a game against the Detroit Lions. No, all of the players are fine, but the fans were at risk during a game. A bat landed in the stadium and actually touched a fan. Since the bat got away, it was not tested for rabies.

Fans have been told to get tested and that is the smart idea. Rabies is an awful thing to have and it is best to take every precaution there is in order to stop the spread of the disease. I can not imagine that the Ravens thought something like this was going to happen at a game.

Can you picture a meeting where officials bring up rabies as a possible threat at a game? I have to think the person that brought it up would get laughed at. Bats do not like light and they do not like noise. A football game does not exactly sound like a place where you are going to normally find one of these creatures.

Hopefully, everyone is fine and that no one ended up getting rabies from this incident. If they do end up with the disease, I have the bad feeling that a lawsuit might happen, not because it is justified or anything, but because that is how things normally work these days. If you get sick or hurt, sue somebody.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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