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Daniel Cruz Makes Amazing Play For Panama In Little League World Series


Daniel Cruz is just the latest person to make a name for himself in the Little League World Series.  Cruz manages to make an amazing diving stop and still fire the ball to first to get the out.  Panama was unable to win the game but this highlight will stick in the minds of people for a while.

Don’t discount the sweeping tag either.  This is some great action by both players but let us get back to Daniel Cruz.  That ball was absolutely smoked.  The fact that he was able to range to his right and stop it is one thing.  The fact he made a strong and accurate throw from the ground is just jaw dropping.  That kid is 13 years old and making plays that guys with a lot more experience could not make.

Panama will not be bringing home a title but a top play might just suffice for a little bit.  Remember, these kids are playing to play.  Winning is just gravy at this age.  If you are able to come up with a play like this, it might even be better than a win.  This play was a team effort and it certainly showed how skilled some of these kids are.

Big ups to Cruz and his teammates on pulling off a play such as this.  If it would have been an infield single, it still would have been an impressive stop, but Cruz upped the ante by making sure there was a chance to get the out at third.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.