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Fab Melo Breaks Folding Chair During Rookie Orientation

Fab Melo of the Boston Celtics is a pretty funny guy, or so I hear. However, his best comedic moment probably was not scripted. Melo was at the rookie orientation with every other NBA rookie when he sat down on a folding chair. The chair did not like that one bit.

Remember, Melo had some weight issues at Syracuse that kept him from becoming the great player everyone thought he could be. He looks slimmer, but I guess he is not slim enough. Then again, his weight allowed for this video, which is quite funny. Just look at the looks all the other rookies are giving him.

If Melo can live up to some of the potential that he has shown, the Celtics are going to have a very good center on their hands. In fact, he could help them win a title this coming season. It might take a little bit of luck, but they are probably the second best team in the Eastern Conference. If Melo plays well, they are going to be a dangerous team to play.

Luckily, Melo was fine with this incident and laughed it all off.  He was probably embarrassed but hey, it is not every day that you can break a folding chair. I once broke one as part of a class skit by jumping on it. Nothing is more embarrassing than having everyone stare at you as you fall through a chair, though. I feel your pain, Fab. I feel it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.