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UFC 151 Cancelled Because Jon Jones Won’t Fight Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones might be one of the best fighters in the world but this latest move will not win him any fans.  UFC 151 is now cancelled because Jones would not accept a fight with Chael Sonnen.  His original opponent, Dan Henderson, had to withdraw due to injury.  This is the first PPV that has been cancelled by the company.

Expect fans and media to absolutely tear Jon Jones to shreds over this.  I can kind of see where he is coming from on this issue, but it makes absolutely no sense to me.  You are a fighter and you are paid to fight.  If you are the champion, you should think that you will every fight.  There should be no reason to back down.

Sonnen has tried to goad Jon Jones into taking the fight but it did not work.  He is going to have to explain why he chose not to accept the fight.  It could have been a great match but now fans are left with nothing.  I can’t say that I am a big fan of mixed martial arts but I do enjoy watching a good fight.  This might have been one to watch but now it does not exist.

I can not imagine that Dana White is too pleased about this.  There is a big chunk of money going down the drain with this.  There are going to be angry sponsors and advertisers.  They just lost out on a big PPV that could have generated a lot of money going forward.

All we can do is wait for Jon Jones to grab a mic and explain why this fight is not going to happen.  He better have a good reason because people will be after his head if he does not explain why he backed out.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.