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Wayne Rooney Gets Leg Sliced Open In Match Against Fulham

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Wayne Rooney and Manchester United looked like they were going to beat Fulham with no issues whatsoever.  That lasted until the very end of the match, when Rooney ended up getting his leg sliced upon on accident.  This wasn’t your ordinary cut.  I don’t even think the word gash describes it.

I mean, just look at that.  He is missing a chunk of flesh.  The fact that he was able to limp around on that leg for a little bit is insane.  I would be passed out on the ground after I looked at that.  It wasn’t a small cut either.  That sucker has to be almost six inches long.

This could keep Rooney out of games but that remains to be seen.  I would imagine he is going to miss a couple weeks or so but he could be an incredibly quick healer.  I know that it will take some time for that to heal to the point where it will not get ripped open again.  Now that would be pretty disgusting.

This might end up being the worst soccer injury that I have seen.  That is just something you can not get up and shake off.  Hopefully everything ends up fine and Wayne Rooney doesn’t end up with an infection or something from that.  It is quite possible when you have a giant part of your flesh missing.

Well, at least you can say that soccer is not boring, especially when people are losing flesh.

UPDATE:  Rooney will miss a month due to this nasty little gash.  He had been struggling so the time off might be beneficial.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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