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Erin Andrews Has Heated Exchange With Radio Host

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Erin Andrews is in the news plenty not only for being a great sideline reporter, but for also being one of the most attractive women involved in the sports arena. The former ESPN reporter recently called into a radio show after someone tweeted that she try and win a contest on the program. When the radio host questioned her fashion, Andrews responded in terrific fashion.

Mike Missanelli: The dress … I thought maybe the dress was a little bit much to be honest with you, what was your…

Erin Andrews: What do you mean?

MM: I thought it was too glam.

EA: Oh gosh, I disagree with you, but I appreciate you knowing female style … it was a good 105 degrees … Who have you dressed? Actually, what are you wearing right now since you’re such a big stylist over there …

MM: Well I’m not on television …

EA: It is my favorite when people judge … they never really take into account the elements … so hot. Hot, hot, hot

MM: Now let me finish … I do a lot of television…. I put a lot of thoughts into my outfits … the reason I brought this up is because I would have been a phony if I didn’t …

EA: I’m glad I called when you were talking poorly …

MM: No, I wasn’t talking poorly, I was just questioning the thought process and you’ve explained it to me …

(insert more babble about heat, sweating)

MM: Maybe a little sundress?

EA: But that was a sundress what are you talking about?

MM: That went below the knee … this is not a beef, it’s a fun little discussion …

EA: When you’re styling females, let me know.

MM: I got a pretty good eye, I gotta tell you …

EA: Not really, I gotta say …

EA: Appreciate the sun dress [thought?], guess what, if I had done that, people would have criticized me …

MM: I wouldn’t have … I would have given you a thumbs up!

EA: Well, your opinion matters.

MM: You’re taking a shot at me now?

EA: I wasn’t taking a shot! … I’m not allowed to defend myself? … I’ll [wear] a potato sack next time.

MM: Let me ask you this … last question, the rumor is, are you dating Troy Aikman?

EA: No, are you?

Thanks to Business Insider for the transcript. I love Andrews and you can tell from this exchange that she has a sense of humor. Nothing quite like a beautiful woman who’s not a total snob.

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