Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Raps in this Ridiculous Papa John's Commercial

By Jeff Shull

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has become a pariah—a living, breathing parody of himself that is almost too much to handle. If I were a Cowboys fan, I’d be flying off the handle at Jones on a daily basis. His most recent venture has him rapping in a Papa John’s ad that just makes me wonder what the hell the advertisers for Papa John’s were thinking.

Jones was promoting the Cowboys 5-Star combo that you can get from Papa John’s: a large pizza with up to five toppings and a two-liter bottle of soda. Like it says in the video, hilariously titled “Hip Hop Jerry” on YouTube, Texas loves three things—pizza, football and Jerry Jones rapping.

Wait, what?

I think the last thing Cowboys fans want, and Texans in general, is to see an old white man making a fool of himself on national TV. Then again, perhaps that’s the point of the ad. The more negative attention it gets, the more eyes on the commercial. Like the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity.

The Cowboys are looking to get back to their winning ways of old, but how can they take their general manager seriously when he’s doing crap like this? Do you see New York Giants owner John Mara pulling stunts like this? No.

Now where did I put that Papa John’s number…

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