Charles Barkley Sings “End Of The Road” With Boyz II Men

Charles Barkley might be my favorite sports personality on the planet.  He will literally say whatever is on his mind.  It does not matter if it might offend someone or if it might a little bit awkward.  Chuck will come out and say it.  He does a lot of good things, but singing is not one of them.  Let’s just say his rendition of “End of the Road” was awful.

Barkley was trying to sing one of the hit songs of Boyz II Men but singing is putting it lightly.  Luckily, the group showed up to help him finish the song.  His singing did not get any better but at least the group saved the performance a tad bit.  Otherwise, Barkley was going to ruin that song for everyone in attendance.

This honestly could become a reality show.  No, not Charles Barkley singing.  I actually like America and do not want it to suffer that much.  A show based around Barkley doing things out of his element would be a big hit.  Watching Barkley take a cooking class?  Barrels of laugh.  Barkley trying to learn the finer points of ballroom dancing?  Get your popcorn ready.

Basically, Barkley can do whatever he wants.  He has that ability to draw attention to everything that he does.  Normally he is on point with whatever he tries.  However, golf and singing are two things that he should probably stop doing.  I love the fact he gave it his all, but there are some things people aren’t meant to do.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.