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Ryan Tannehill Has No Knowledge Of NFL Divisions


Ryan Tannehill could become the next big thing in the NFL.  The Miami Dolphins are certainly hoping so, as the rookie will be the team’s starting quarterback this season.  However, Tannehill does struggle in one area.  He simply does not know the other teams and the divisions that they play in.

This isn’t really a huge deal but it is still extremely funny.  When it comes down to it, Tannehill does not need to know the divisions or the other teams in the league.   He only needs to focus on the team that he is going to be playing against.  It may seem strange that he does not know the teams, but that is a product of the era we live in.

To people that love sports like me, not knowing the divisions is just a foreign concept.  When you see a guy that makes the league, you expect him to know everything about it.  It is not a lot of work to know the proper teams and the division that they play in.  I mean, there are only 32 of them.  It is not exactly rocket science.

All in all, this moment should have no impact on the career of Tannehill, but it is going to go down as one of the best moments in Hard Knocks history.  Watching a starting quarterback whiff spectacularly on guessing divisions is just too funny.

The only way to make the segment better is if Tannehill’s wife was in the background.  Why she is not in every shot during the show, I’ll never know.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.