Stephen Strasburg will Leave the Washington Nationals

By ryanmasters

Sitting down Stephen Strasburg may seem like a good idea the Washington Nationals because they are setting themselves up for a successful future. They are discarding this season in hopes that they will compete for several years to come.

The Nationals are not the only team that is looking towards in regards to the health of Strasburg. It is difficult to see Strasburg resigning with the Nationals because he will be looking for bigger market to pitch in. Players are now focused on expanding their brand and making as much money off the field as possible.

This is where the New York Yankees enter the equation. The Yankees will be looking to acquire Strasburg because they will need a new ace to anchor their pitching staff. C.C. Sabathia is nearing the end of his career and they are not a team that has developed pitchers in the past. They are always seeking to real in the biggest players on the market.

Strasburg and the Yankees seem to be a match made in heaven. They both need each other and will greatly benefit from one another for years to come. The New York market is the best in baseball and Strasburg seems poised to be a perennial All-Star.

The Nationals may think they are setting up their future but they are wrong. They are definitely helping to save Strasburg’s career but it is probably going to be for another team. They should be focused on winning with him now because soon he will be gone, possibly wearing pinstripes.

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