Tom Brady Catches A Touchdown Pass Against Rob Gronkowski

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Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski did not suit up for their final preseason game on Wednesday, but they still had a nice workout.  Before the game, the two New England Patriots stars were messing around as the two took turns covering each other on pass routes.  In the deciding play, Brady made a nice move on Gronk to score a TD.

The final preseason game is absolutely meaningless if you are a starter.  There is no reason to play.  Your roster spot is secure and why risk getting hurt right before actual games?  The final game is used to fill out the roster and see what young players can contribute.  This means the veterans can mess around a bit and we end up with moments like this.

It looks like Brady is not a half bad route runner.  He is not exactly moving quickly, but he did make a nice break or two.  His coverage against Gronk on a tiny fade pattern was also pretty good.  I would have never guessed that he could make plays like that.

Gronk, on the other hand, might want to stick to catching passes.  He does not seem like a guy who can cover anybody.  I mean, he probably was not going all out, but his quarterback scored a touchdown on him.  I am pretty sure you can not let that happy.  Brady is going to bring that up all season.

This was probably the best moment of the final week of preseason.  It would take a minor miracle to find game action as compelling as this.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.