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Weatherman Jim Cantore Tebows During Hurricane Isaac


Jim Cantore is best known for his weather work on the Weather Channel. Right now, he is smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Isaac and he decided to do something to help his odds. No, he did not send up a prayer, but he decided to Tebow in the middle of a hurricane.

I believe this is what we call “jumping the shark.” If Tebowing has become a thing to do during hurricanes, I think we should probably just all leave the internet right now. There is no going back from right here. At least Tim Tebow is going to get more publicity. That’s all he needs, right?

Who knew a simple gesture like this could take over the Internet? Tebowing is everywhere you look and a lot of people do it for absolutely no reason. I guess whatever floats your boat. If Cantore thinks it will help during a hurricane, more power to him.

This might be the strangest thing that we end up seeing during this hurricane. Forget destruction, the image of a weatherman pulling a Tebow during a hurricane is something that can not be topped. The only way that it could be topped is if Tebow himself showed up to show him the proper way to execute the move.

We may dislike all the attention that Tebow gets, but I guess we can not stop it. When people on the Weather Channel are Tebowing, I think we should all quit now.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.