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Life Size Shaq Paintings at a Discounted Price

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If you’ve ever wanted a life size oil painting of Shaquille O’Neal, now is the time. A not so normal Craigslist ad went up in the Los Angeles area this morning under the “computers for sale by owner” section. These life size oil paintings by an anonymous “famous Polish artist” are valued up to $100,000 and being sold at an incredibly low price of $3995. So, basically, you’re making $96,000 by investing in one of these oil paintings. Why these oil paintings are posted under the computers for sale by owner section is still a mystery to me.

Not a Shaq fan? Or an NBA fan at all? Well, you’re still in luck. In order to liquidate his sports collection, the poster has Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming, Muhammad Ali and Michael Schumacher for sale. All of these are claimed to be museum quality and “mostly actual life size paintings.”

Included in your order, you receive a “coffee table book” dedicated to Shaq by the artist. I’m not exactly sure what a coffee table book is, but it may entertain your guests as they’re staring at your massive 7ft tall painting of Shaq in the living room.

If you have the extra money just laying around, why wouldn’t you buy one? It may not fit into your home décor but if they value above $10,000, it seems like you could turn around and sell it for a profit immediately. The whole post seems a little sketchy in my opinion, but if you can see it in-person and make sure it’s legitimate, then you’ve found a great deal.

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