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UMass Defender Knocks Pass Back In Bounds, Teammate Intercepts It

UMass is not exactly a football powerhouse, but they might just be the clubhouse leader for college football play of the year.  They are playing Connecticut and thanks to some impressive teamwork from Darren Thellen and Tom Brandt, they caused an amazing turnover.  A UConn pass was going out of bounds but Thellen managed to tip it back into Brandt for the pick.

This is not the first time that we have seen a play like this, but it is pretty cool to see a small school like UMass pull it off.  I know they are a decent basketball team from time to time but this is their first year in FBS competition.  Not exactly a bad way to start the year off.

This will probably be a year filled with growing pains for this team.  They will have their ups and downs but this should be one of the highlights of the year.  It takes a lot of talent to have something like this work.  Instead of letting the ball go, Thellen saw a chance to make a play.  Luckily, Brandt was on the exact same page as him.

This play will be on all the highlight shows for the next few days.  It will be hard to top this.  College football is back and it looks to be better than ever.  If we keep getting action like this, it will be a fantastic season.  The first night has started things off in the exact right way.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.