Kent State's Andre Parker Runs 58 Yard Punt...The Wrong Way

College football has just begun and Kent State linebacker Andre Parker has already hit high popularity on the YouTube stream. However, he may not be too proud of this video.

With 17 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Kent State was leading 24-7 as they were punting to Towson. The ball deflected off of a Towson player, making it appear to be a fumble and live ball. After realizing Towson’s mistake, Parker immediately recovered the ball on the 7 yard line and sprinted for 58 yards before being knocked down by 2 Towson players.

What Parker failed to realize though, was that he was running towards the wrong end zone.

Yet looking at this play more closely, you will realize he was not the only clueless player on the field. The 2 Towson players that rushed to tackle him were immediately chewed out by coaches and teammates on the sideline for ruining a play that could have  resulted in a safety. Either way you look at it, both of these teams have some work to do this season.

Luckily for Parker, the play was overturned because a muffed punt cannot be advanced or retreated since it is considered an uncontrolled touch. The ball was returned to Kent State on the 7 yard line leading to a Kent State field goal to end the half.

A coach would normally congratulate you on a 58 yard punt return; unfortunately for Parker, he is being congratulated on being the first blooper of the college football season. This probably won’t be the only hilarious mistake we see this season but Parker definitely made the first week of college football very memorable.