San Antonio Missions Mascots Are Cute and Spicy

By John Gorman

Wildcat. Wolverine. Bear. Bull. Warrior.

Pepper and Taco. Wait, what?

In Texas League Double-A, the San Antonio Missions play dozens of home games and do their best to entertain the thousands who willingly subject themselves to 100-degree temps with unspeakable humidity to come out to the ballpark.

As so many teams often do, they employ mascots to dance and make merry with children and families.

The mascots are food. Delicious, spicy – ahem – furry food. What in the name of Otto the Orange is going on around here?

Meet Ballapeno: The San Antonio Missions Mascots (named after the Spanish missions, like the Alamo, which were set up there once upon a year) along with his sidekick … Henry the Puffy Taco.

The pepper is cute enough, I suppose (though still quite bizarre), but the taco (Henry? Really? Paco wasn’t available?) is arguably the most hideous costume East of the Stanford Tree.

If you have a strong stomach, click to enlarge the photo and experience the full,  jarring, tractor-beam awesomeness(?) that is a dancing dinner.

Or, just watch this video:

Anybody in the mood for enchiladas?

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