UNC Academic Scandal: NCAA says no rules broken. Move along, people.

By John Gorman

Welp, I’m sure you were waiting on pins and needles to see how the sword of justice would strike down upon North Carolina in the fallout from the UNC Academic Scandal. Admit it, you were.

Well, let the record show the University released a statement Friday, indicating the NCAA found no violations of NCAA rules.

Apparently, where there’s smoke, there’s really just a fog machine.

Remember Julius Peppers’ transcript? No big deal. Neither was the rest of it, apparently.

An enforcement staff member made “several” trips to Chapel Hill in the fall of 2011, according to the statement, and found “no violations of current NCAA rules or student-athlete eligibility issues related to courses in African and Afro-American Studies.”

The university also supplied the NCAA with a copy of the internal review it finished in May, one that 54 aberrant classes from 2007 to 2011 in the African and Afro-American Studies department that showed little to no instruction.

So there’s that. I guess we can all get on with the fall tradition of letting The Iron Curtain of College Football pretend we’re all merely rotting eggplants with eyes.

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