JetBlue Airways Fulfills Request of New York Jets Fan Who Wanted to Fly Jets-Themed Airplane

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JetBlue Airways is the official airline partner of the New York Jets, and with that comes a pretty cool perk. Their very own New York Jets-themed airplane.

That airplane, as photographed by Jets fan David Baghdassarian, has been in use since October of 2010 and usually flies randomly across the country.

However, that all changed for one flight last week.

Baghdassarian is a diehard Jets fan who lives in Florida, and he had booked a flight with JetBlue to head back to his home state of New York, and he tweeted out a humble request.

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Baghdassarian tweeted at JetBlue’s VP of marketing Marty St. George, CEO David Barger and COO Rob Maruster. To his surprise, JetBlue tweeted back just a few hours later.

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On August 30, when he went to the airport for his flight, Baghdassarian was ecstatic to find out that his request was fulfilled by the good folks over at JetBlue.

“We saw his tweet and it wasn’t hard to schedule the plane to fly him home,” said JetBlue spokesman Morgan Johnston.

“Now we obviously can’t have our customers dictating their routes all the time, but when we can listen to our customers, react quickly and do something cool, we obviously make the effort to do so.”

Kudos to the folks at JetBlue Airways for making this Jets fan’s flight a happy one. It’s an awesome gesture that they would’ve been well within their rights to ignore, but they went the extra mile. Good on them.


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