Breaking Down the AL Wild Card Race

By ryanmasters

This season the MLB introduced an additional playoff berth to each league and it has heated up the playoff race to a whole new level. Doing this was supposed to keep more teams in the race for a longer period of time. The National League has not gone according to plan but the American League race is tightening up.

The Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics currently hold the two wild card spots in the AL. This comes as a surprise to most people. Entering the season, these two teams were not discussed as potential teams that could compete for the playoffs. I still don’t think either of these teams will make the playoffs.

My prediction is that the two wild card spots will go to the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Angels. The White Sox currently hold a half game lead on the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central. I like the Tigers to win that division but I still expect the Sox to earn a playoff berth.

The other team that is going move up in the wild card standings is the Angels. I really like what they did during the offseason as well as different acquisitions during the season. They have not put everything together up to this point and that is inexcusable given the roster that takes the field for them every day. With that being said I think they are poised to make a push for the playoffs and will be one of the hottest teams when the playoffs begin.

The Angels and White Sox are best suited to handle the pressure that comes along with battling for a playoff berth. They will overcome obstacles and earn the two spots that are reserved for the AL Wild Card. The Orioles and Athletics have put together solid seasons up to this point but they are not quite ready for the big stage and will both fade towards the end.

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