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Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer Has Sideline Interview Interrupted By A Timeout

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Frank Beamer is the well-known head coach of Virginia Tech.  In fact, he has his own brand of football that has been dubbed “Beamer Ball.”  In 2012, it is not off to a hot start and Va Tech might just get upset by Georgia Tech in the first game of the season.  Beamer was doing his sideline interview before halftime when a bunch of hijinks broke out.

As Beamer was giving his interview, his team was getting ready to head to the locker room when Paul Johnson decided to use a timeout.  This isn’t the first time that Johnson has done this and it was a fairly funny move.  Beamer had to stop his interview to make sure his team ran one more play before half.  He then finished his interview.

This is just another piece of a fairly wacky first week of college football.  We have seen some incredible plays and some incredibly stupid decisions.  For instance, there has been one amazing tip drill and there has been a guy who returned a muffed punt the wrong way.  There are still numerous weeks to go.  I think the bar can only go higher at this rate.

If this interview ends up being an omen for Frank Beamer and Va Tech, it could be a long season in Blacksburg.  It might just lead to another year of everyone making fun of the ACC.  When the best team in the conference struggles mightily in the first game, there tends to be an issue or two.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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