Baylor's Pierre Jackson Helps Boy in Need of New Shoes

By Sam Saltess

Cue the “aww’s!” Baylor basketball star Pierre Jackson recently posted a photo on Instagram that will have all the ladies admiring the true gentlemen’s kindness, and all the men wishing they were more like him.

As the caption states, Jackson was shopping at a local Champs store, and overheard a young boy, Da’john Johnson, asking his mom for a nice pair of shoes. The mom, Bridgette Johnson, couldn’t afford them, so that is when Jackson stepped in.

“This weekend I over heard this Lil guy trying to get some shoes that were pretty expensive and his mom wasn’t able to get and it just seems soo familiar cause that’s how I use to be!” posted Jackson. “But long story short I was able to meet up with them a couple days later and give him a couple pair of shoes! Just to see his moms years of joy and see how happy he was mad me super happy!! I guess you can say this made my week!!”

Johnson had nothing but nice things to say about the kind actions of Jackson.

“Pierre, God bless you and your future, you have truly been a blessing,” she posted on the social media site Instagram. “God had us in a position to receive a blessing.”

This story makes us have hope in human kind, and it is refreshing to see an athlete who is not only good on the court, but a good human being as well. Here is to hoping more athletes use their fame and talent to do good in society.

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