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Donovan McNabb Close To Becoming Football Analyst

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Donovan McNabb did not have the best end to a football career.  Last season, he was eventually benched by the Minnesota Vikings after struggling.  To top it all off, he was eventually cut as well.  Now it looks like McNabb is close to rejoining football, but as an analyst instead of a player.

He’s “signed with agent Mark Lepselter for broadcast work,” she tweeted Sunday (@SBJLizMullen).

My guess is that Donovan McNabb ends up on the NFL Network.  He certainly has the sense of humor to be a good analyst and it sounds like the NFL’s own network is a good spot to work out any flaws he might have.  To me, his future is more in sideline work.  He has a really good sense of humor and I think his humorous takes would be better than anything Tony Siragusa brings to the table.

This is not a done deal yet and it could change if some team decides that McNabb can still play the QB position.  There is not a lot of evidence to suggest that he still has anything left in the tank, but some team might think his veteran presence could help the team.

I think that this could be a good move for both the QB and the network.  McNabb is well spoken and should bring a lot of great opinion to any show that he is on.  I think he understands that his career is over and that a TV job is the next logical step.  Hopefully this works out for everyone involved.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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