First Female Quarterback in High School Football

Seventeen year old Erin DiMeglio from South Plantation High School made history this past weekend. She is now being recognized in the media as the first female in the state of Florida to take a snap in a high school football game.

Typically you would find her on the basketball court but she decided it was time to do something different to impress the college scouts. Erin began practicing with the team in May and got her chance to shine in a preseason game on Friday night.

With 10 minutes left in the game, the coach sent her out onto the field. She called the plays, completed two handoff passes and was then applauded by both teams as she ran off the field.

It is rare to see a female on the football field, let alone the center of the offensive line. The state of Florida has recorded 523 female high school football players since 1973 and only 36 last year.

Female kickers, receivers and defensive backs are commonly seen but even the officials had never seen a female quarterback play in a regular season game. Some may be concerned with her safety, but she is committed to the team and understands there are risks in any sport.

The amount of play time she sees on the field this season may be limited as the team’s third-string quarterback but she has absolutely made her name known for her daring decision to play on the varsity football team. Although she is always going to be known as “the girl that played football,” with her determination and athletic ability, she is definitely being seen by the college scouts.